How to do Excel 2007 Mail Merge

In this video tutorial we will show you how to do excel mail merge.

In order to merge mail, open the Microsoft Word document. Go to the “Mailings” tab. Click on “Start Mail Merge” and choose a “Step by step mail merge Wizard”.

Start the merge process

In the 1-st step, choose “Letters” as type of the document and press “Next: Starting document”.
to do excel mail merge.

Start the document

In this step select “use the current document” and click “Next: Select recipients”. To make selections in 3-rd step, minimize the word document and open your excel document.

Go back to the word document and choose “Browse”.

Browse the document

Select your excel document and press “Open”. In the appeared window select the table with data. In the following window check or uncheck mail merge recipients and click “ok”. Then press “Next: Write your letter”.

In Step 4 – go to the “Mailings” tab, click on “Insert Merge Field” and choose needed values.

Choose needed value

Insert it in your document. Next step is “Preview your letters”, click on it.
Now you can see your letter with merges. Click on “recipients” to see the results. Then click “Complete the merge”.

In the following window press “Edit individual letters”.

Merge to new document

In the new window select “all” and click “ok”. Now all your letters are placed on separate pages.