How to Export Excel to Google Calendar

Learn how to export excel document to google calendar

In this video tutorial we will show you how to export excel to google calendar.

In order to export an excel file to google calendar, open your Microsoft Excel document. Click “Office” button, go to “Save as” and choose “Other formats”.

Choose the format of the file to import

Select “CSV” file type and press “Save”. In the following window press “ok” to save only the active sheet. In the next warning window press “Yes” to keep this format.

Open your web browser.

Open the web browser

Go to “”. Sign in with your email and password.

Sign in to the Google account

Click on the “arrow” on the right and choose “Settings”.

Open the Calendar Settings

On the following web page, choose “Import calendar”.

Import the CSV file

In the pop-up window, click “Browse”. Select a CSV file from your hard drive. Press “Import”.

Open the CSV file to the Google

In the next window you will see message “Successfully imported one event”.
Now your excel data is exported to the google calendar.