How to Import Data from Excel 2007 to JIRA

In this video tutorial we will show you how to import data from excel to JIRA.

In order to import data from excel to JIRA, open your excel document. Go to Excel options and in “save as” menu choose “Other formats”.

Save the data in the CSV format

Save your document as CSV (Comma delimited) format. When you see the warning, click “ok”. In the following window press “yes”. Then, quit excel. Go to the Windows “Start” menu and open JIRA application.

Open JIRA application

Log in with your username and password. Go to “Administration, click on “System” and choose “Import&Export”.

Import CSV file in the JIRA application

Confirm your administrator access with a password. In the following window choose “External System Import”.

External System Import

In the next window below “Import projects and issues from Comma Separated Values (CSV) file into JIRA” click “Import”. In the next window click “choose file”.

Choose CSV file

Select your CSV file, and then click “Next”. In the following step choose “Defined in CSV” and click “next”.

Select Defined in CSV

In step 3 check “Import” and “Map field value”. Then set “Summary”, “Worklog” and “Status” in JIRA field. On step 4, click “Begin import”.

Start the import process

Now you can see how many projects and issues were imported from excel to JIRA.