How to Make a Drop Down Menu in Excel 2007

In this video tutorial we will show you how to make a drop down menu in Excel 2007.

In order to create a drop-down menu, open the Microsoft Excel 2007. Edit your cells on “sheet1”, for example “Car”, “Year”, “Price”. After that, go to “Sheet2”. Add a list of “Car” names. Then select all cells with the car names.

Select the cells

Change “a1” to “car” in the “name box”. Now go back to “sheet1”. Select the empty cells under your “Car” column. Go to the “Data” tab. Click on “Data Validation” and choose “Data validation”.

Open the Data Validation dialogue

In the appeared window set validation criteria to “List”.

Select the validation criteria

In the “source”, type “=Car” and press “ok”.
Now you have created a drop down menu and can use it in your excel cells.