How to Make Excel 2007 Cell Bigger

In this video tutorial we will show you how to make excel cell bigger.

In order to make an excel cell bigger, open the Microsoft Excel. You can make a cell bigger by dragging the borders. Or you can right click on the row border and choose the “Row height”.

Set the row height

The same way right-click on the column border and choose the “Column width”.

Set the column width

To change a few rows at once, select them. Right-click on the rows borders and choose the “Row height”. Select the row height and press “ok”. If you want to adjust a few columns, select them. Right-click on the column borders and choose the “Column width”. Select the column width and press “ok”. You can also edit the whole spreadsheet by pressing “Ctrl+A”. Right-click on the column border to select the “Column width”. Right-click on the rows border to select the “Row height”.