How to Sync Outlook Tasks with Google Tasks

In this tutorial you will learn to sync Outlook tasks with Google Tasks.

Step 1

Open up a browser window and go to:

go to Gogtasks

Step 2

Download and install the trial Gogtasks.
First it will download itself from internet, then it will ask you to reboot your computer, then start and finish installation.

download and install Gogtasks

Step 3

Click the Start button and launch outlook from the search window.

launch Outlook

Step 4

Gogtasks will announce you its presence and hint to where you can find it in the menu. Follow the indications to open its Settings.

configure Gogtasks

Step 5

Add your gmail account to Gogtasks.

add gmail account to Gogtasks

Step 6

Click Synchronize in the Add-in.

Synchronize Gogtasks

Step 7

Gogtasks presents you with a list of tasks to be synced in Outlook. Choose the ones that you want, and finish sync.

finish synchronization

Result: Congratulations, you have learned how to synchronize outlook tasks with google tasks.