How to Write Subscript in Excel 2010

Learning how to write subscript in excel 2010 is a valuable skill if you want to create smaller notations in your spreadsheet.

Step # 1 – Selecting the Cell

First, start Excel and load the sheet where you want to enter subscript. Here we are going to add a notation next to the “TOTAL” text in cell “A6”. Click in this cell, then in the formula box click to the end of the word.

Selecting the cell for the subscript

Step # 2 – Opening the Format Cells Window

Now, make sure you are in the “Home” tab and locate the “Font” area. In the bottom right corner of the box there is a small icon that looks like an arrow and a box. Click this. This will open the “Format Cells” window, at the bottom of the window click the “Subscript” button then click “OK”.

Selecting subscript in the Formal Cells window

Step # 3 – Entering the Text

Now simply enter the text as you normally would. In the formula bar it will appear normal sized but in the cell it will appear smaller. As you can see learning how to write subscript in excel 2010 is a very simple process.

Entering the text