How to Add Steam Spray

Steam spray allows game players on steam to place custom pictures on the walls of the map they are currently on. Since steam spray only works on multiplayer games, the players in the same game can see that picture.

Steps #1 resize your image to the required dimension

Steam spray only accepts image of dimension 64×64, 128×128, and 256×254 pixels. You have to resize your image using paint or any other photo editing software.

Steps #2 save your image file in the required format

Save you image file in .jpg, .bmp, or .vtf format. This is the image formats that are compatible.

Step #3 go to options on your steam and select multiplayer

Once you have your image saved in your directory, go to options in your steam game> and select multiplayer.

Step #4 import your spray

Look under ‘spray paint image’ and push ‘import spray’ button. Browse where the image is located and hit open.

Step #5 connect to server to see your new spray

At this point, you should see your custom spray in the window meaning it’s ready to be used. Setting spray only takes effect when you join the server. If you want to change your spray while in the game, you will have to disconnect and rejoin your new spray to be used. And that is it.

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