How to Adjust Screen Brightness in Windows

Step 1: Click the Start Menu and type DCCW. Hit Enter.

launch display color calibration utility

The Display Color Calibration utility is starting.
If you need to perform a full calibration, dim the lights in your room to create proper calibration conditions.
Click Next.

Step 2: On the instructional menu about Gamma, read the information and click Next.

instructions for proper gamma setting

Adjust the Gamma of your video card to your liking.
Click Next.

Step 3: At the introductory menus on brightness and contrast, read the information and click Next two times.

adjust gamma

If your computer monitor presents outer controls, you can now adjust them as per screen instruction.
Click Next.

Step 4: The next set of menus offer you the possibility to set the contrast in the same manner. Adjust and click Next.

instructions for proper contrast

At the end, you are offered the chance of changing brightness of the individual red, green and blue colors.

Result: You have successfully changed the brightness of your screen.