How to Fix BSOD Invalid Affinity Set Error 0x00000003

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to fix bsod stop error 0x00000003. We will teach you what causes the error, when does it occur and how to resolve the error for good.

Step 1 – When does the error occur

This particular error might occur because of some hardware changes that might have been done recently. Therefore, while booting up, windows will automatically restart.

What causes the error

Step 2 – Restart your computer

In order to resolve this error, press the reset button on your computer and right when the system is starting up, hit the F2 key to open up the Bios. From here, move to the last tab, select the “Load Setup Defaults” option and hit enter.

Load Setup Defaults option

Step 3 – Continue with the loading of default configuration

With that done, a confirmation window will open up asking you whether you want to load the default configuration now. Select “Yes” and hit the enter key.

Accept the confirmation message

Step 4 – Save changes

Now press the F10 Key to save the changes and exit from the Bios.
With that done you will be able to run your computer in normal mode without getting any errors.

In this manner, you can fix the bsod stop error 0x00000003.

Save changes and exit bios