How to Fix Stop Error 0x8007045d

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to fix Blue Screen of Death Stop Error 0x8007045d. Find out what causes this error and how to troubleshoot it until its resolved.

Step 1 – When does the error occur

This error basically represents an input output device related error and usually occurs when you try to copy data on to a usb storage device.

What causes the error

Step 2 – Open system in safe mode

To resolve this error, restart windows and while booting, press the F8 Key to see the Advanced Boot Options. Over there, choose the safe mode option.

Choose the safe mode option

Step 3 – Open msconfig

With that done, we will open the system configuration window by typing msconfig in the search field.

Open msconfig.exe

Step 4 – Change startup type

In the General tab, switch the startup type from Normal to Selective.

Use selective startup

Step 5 – Resolve the bsod error

Now move to the startup tab and over there, uncheck any third party USB related softwares that might be appearing. With that done, click on Ok to close the system configuration window and restart windows in normal mode.
Once the system has rebooted, copy the file and you would notice that no error is displayed this time. This means that the error has been fixed and the file has been copied to the usb device.
In this manner, you can fix Blue Screen of Death Stop Error 0x8007045d.

Restart windows to apply changes