What is Bash

In this tutorial we will introduce you to what is Bash in Linux.
Bash is basically a file to process commands which can be run in the Terminal window. This allows the user to write commands and actions. A Bash can also read commands from a file which is technically called a script.
Using Bash is not very difficult if you know which scripts to run and use. Follow this tutorial below to understand a basic overview of what exactly Bash present in Linux is.

Step 1 – Write a script in terminal

Let’s start by creating writing the script in the terminal only.
The echo command can be used to print the output on to the screen, so if we type Hello World within inverted commas after the echo command, it will be printed on to the screen, as it is.
echo “Hello, World”

Insert a script in terminal

Step 2 – Enter command to display digits

Similarly, if you want to display all the digits between zero and fifteen consecutively, then while using Bash you can enter and use the echo command followed by the curly brackets and write “one dot, dot ten”
Once we hit enter, it will display the counting from 1 to 10 on the screen like so.
echo {1..10}

Insert command to enter digits

Step 3 – Display letters on the screen

Similarly, if you want to display all the letters between A and Z, you can use the same command to print the results on the screen.
And that’s basically it for a very basic introduction on Bash. So to use and understand what is Bash follow the tutorial below and practice entering commands to see the function of each.
echo {A..Z}

Enter command to display letters