How to Create a Fire Effect in After Effects

In this tutorial, we will guide you how to generate fire effects in Adobe after Effect CS6. Here all we will be doing is combining the CC particle world effect with different other effects to make flames on the screen. You won’t need any sort of third party plug-ins or add-ons for this.

Step # 1 – Apply effects on solid layer

First of all, generate the black solid layer from the new menu and apply the following effects on it; Fractal Noise, Colorama, Wave Warp, Turbulent Displace

Applying effects on solid layer

Step # 2 – Configure Fractal Noise Effect

First we will configure Fractal Noise effect in this Adobe After Effects tutorial; change the Fractal type to Strings and Noise type to Spline. Then make the contrast “99” and the Brightness “-19”. From the Over flow dropdown menu, select the “Clip” option. Next, expand the transform menu and uncheck Uniform Scaling. Change the Scale width and height to 750 each. Next configure Offset turbulence to 360, 288. Increase the Complexity to 6.2. Now expand the sub settings menu and configure it; change the Sub Influence to 124.6 and Sub Scaling to 52.4. Then change the Sub Rotation to 0x+180 degree. Make the Sub offset -70, 0. Check the center subscale. Make the Evolution 0x+359 degree. Expand evolution option and check the Cycle evolution option.

Adjust settings for Fractal Noise

Step # 3 – Configure Wave Warp Effect

Next, we will teach you how to work with the Wave Warp effect in this Adobe After Effects tutorial. Here, configure Wave height as 5 and let the other settings remain as default. Configure Turbulence displacement effect next. Set the Offset (turbulence) to 360.0, 288.0 while other settings are kept the same.

Adjust Camera Options

Step # 4 – Rendering the composition

Once done with configuring the effects, collapse the entire effects menu and select all and start rendering the composition. Since this project is loaded with multiple effects, we are going to directly dissolve it to output which results in the output being different before and after rendering. Once you are done, you can reconfirm these settings by expanding the effects menu.
Note that the fire effects in After Effects is entirely dependent on the settings of “colorama” video effect theme. Now scroll the Seek bar to preview the changes you have made.

Render composition