How to add Groups of Related Content in My Yahoo

You can access My Yahoo thorough toolbar Yahoo and by going to the website “”. My Yahoo already has quick links and applications for you to choose from and use but it also allows you to create some of your own. With the help of preloaded tabs and groups of related content, you can learn how to add content to websites like these.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to add groups of related content in My Yahoo.

Step # 1- Opening a tab

Firstly, you must click on any tab in order to view content and details present within it.

select a tab

Step # 2- Opening a content gallery

Now you must click on the “content” button to open “content gallery” and view a variety of tabs.

select content button

Step # 3- Selecting packaged pages option

You can now click on the “packaged pages” option from the content gallery, which will in turn show you a number of tabs that are already designed and bundled with information. These will have a particular arrangement of content and you will simply have to customize and rearrange it according to your preference.

choose preloaded tabs

Step # 4- Going through content

You can also use the “next” and “previous buttons to go through these “packaged pages”. You can select from a variety of options, namely, business, sports, music, fashion and many other preloaded tabs that you can add in My Yahoo.

scroll through all tabs

Step # 5- Adding a tab

Now you must click on the “add” button located above any preloaded tab you would like to use.

include a tab

Step # 6- Updating a new tab

A new tab will now be added to all the other tabs with a confirmation message popping up on your screen. You will need to click on the option titled “keep it”, and now your new tab will be ready to be customized and rearranged.

keep new tab

Step # 7- Previewing content

Using this new tab, you can hover over a variety of stories and see their previews being displayed on the side of your page.

review content

Step # 8- Reading articles and details

You can moreover, click on specific content and go through its details using this tab. The tab will have everything related to a particular category you picked this content from.

go through information