How to Check My Flash Player Version

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to perform flash player version check. One needs to know how to perform flash player version check in order to know what version is currently installed.

It is recommended that you have the latest flash player version with all the security updates it has to offer.

Step 1 – Go to computer

First of all, click on the start menu icon available in the extreme bottom left corner of your screen. From the start menu, go to computer.

Open computer

Step 2 – Go to properties

Once there, go to the disk drive and eventually to the folder where the flash player has been installed. For the purpose of this tutorial, we have already installed the flash player. Once there, right click on the flash player icon and open its properties

Open properties

Step 3 – Details of the flash player

In the properties dialog box, go to the details tab. Over here, you’d be displayed with a detailed summary of the flash player. Right below the product name, you’d find the version of the flash player. In this manner, you can check the flash player version easily.

File version information of the flash player

Step 4 – Open Control Panel

There is another way of checking your flash player version. Click on the start button and from the start menu, open control panel.

Go to Control Panel

Step 5 – Open flash player

In the control panel window, open the flash player.

Flash Player in Control panel

Step 6 – View Flash Player version

As a result, the flash player manager will appear on your screen. Over there, go to the advanced tab and you will be able to see the activex version along with the flash plug-in version. In this manner, you can check the flash version.

Check Flash Player version

Step 7 – Version information online

You can always click on the check now button for updates. A new page will open up in a new tab where you will be displayed with the version information.

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