How to Create Flash Chat Form for Your Website

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to create virtual chat room. “Chat” means sending and receiving text messages in real time to one or more people on any particular topic. This tutorial will show you that how to create virtual chat rooms without registration.

Step1# Create Virtual Chat Room

First, go to You do not need to register here with any of your personal details. Click “Free Download” download the software.

Create Chat Room

Step2# Sign-up Virtual Chat Room

After you have downloaded the software, you will get a form for registration or a sign-in prompt if you already signed-up. You can sign-in with social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Sign-up Chat Room

Step3# Access dashboard Virtual Chat Room

After logging on, you will get all the dashboard features available on the left side. Then, click “Admin Panel”.

Dashboard Chat Room

Step4# Resize your Virtual Chat Room

Here, you will be able to resize your chat box. Then, click “Next” to proceed further options.

Resize Chat Room

Step5# setting of virtual created chat room

Finally, you will be able to generate a new chat box. You can set your IP or server port. Click any options you want to define. Then you can click “Next” to proceed to generate code.

set created Chat Room

Step6# Use of virtual created chat room

OK, this is awesome because you have a chat room you can add to your website! And you don’t need to become programmer. Now just copy and paste the codes of the created chat room where you want it to appear on your site. You actually will implement the simple HTML code into the site.

Uses of created Chat Room