How to Install ActiveX Control for Flash Player

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to install ActiveX Control for Flash Player. We will teach you how to perform free install of activex control.

Step 1 – Internet Options

Follow this step by step guide to learn how to install ActiveX Control for Flash Player.

First of all, go to your Internet Explorer and click on the settings button available in the extreme top right corner. From the drop down menu, select internet options.

Go to Internet Options

Step 2 – Click on custom level

In the Internet Options window, go to the security tab. Once there, click on the custom level button.

Go to the security tab

Step 3 – Enable download signed activex controls

As a result, the security settings window will appear. Over there, scroll down until you reach download signed ActiveX Control. Check the enable option. Ignore the warning that it isn’t secure.

Enable signed activex controls

Step 4 – Adjust activex controls

Furthermore, make sure that the following ActiveX options are enabled: Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins and Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting. Once you are done, click on the ok button. You will be prompted by a warning message. Click on the yes button in order to save the changes you made to the settings. Click on the ok button to exit the Internet Options window as well. This way you can perform a free install of activex controls.

Now you can download and install the latest version of the flash player and it will be supported by the ActiveX controls.

Enable activex controls settings