How to Install MAMP

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to install mamp in mac. We will guide you on how to install mamp; from the time of downloading mamp on your mac to the time the installation completes. Follow this detailed guide to learn how to install the mamp application.

Step 1 – Download mamp

In this step by step guide, we will teach you how to install mamp in Mac. First of all, open up the safari browser and log on to With that done, go to the download section, scroll down and click on the download option.

Downloading mamp

Step 2 – View Mamp version

With that done, the Downloads window will open up and over there, you will see the MAMP version which is being currently downloaded.

Check mamp version

Step 3 – Unzip the file

Once the file has been downloaded, right click on it, move to the open with option and select the archive utility. If it has already been set to default, you can simply double click on it. This is basically unzipping the file so that we can access the installer.

Use Archive Utility

Step 4 – Accept the license

With that done, let’s double click on the installer to start up the wizard. With that done, the license agreement window will open up. Over there, simply click on the Agree button to continue installing mamp.

Agree to the license

Step 5 – Mamp Interface

With that done, the mamp interface will open up. Over here, you can see three folders: the Applications folder, MAMP and MAMP PRO.

Open Mamp

Step 6 – Copy Mamp to Applications

Simply click on the MAMP folder and drag it to the Applications Folder. This will copy your MAMP folder in the Applications folder.

Copying Mamp into Applications

Step 7 – Open Mamp folder

With that done, open up the applications folder and open up the mamp folder.

Open Mamp application

Step 8 – Launch Mamp

Over here, you can see the mamp icon. For now, let’s just drag it to the desktop so that it’s easily accessible. Now double click the MAMP icon and with that done, a warning window will open up. Over here, click on the Launch MAMP button.

Launching Mamp

Step 9 – Mamp installation successful

And that’s it. You have successfully installed mamp in mac now. You will see the MAMP window appearing on the left side of the desktop and it will automatically starting the Apache And MySQL Servers. In this manner, you can complete installing mamp on your mac machine.

Successful mamp installaion

Step 10 – Mamp interface

With the processing completed, The MAMP interface will open up in your browser.

Mamp in browser