How to Install Phpbb

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to install Phpbb.

To install Phpbb, you would first have to install a webserver. For the purpose of this tutorial, we have already installed wampserver in windows.

Step 1 – Open phpMyAdmin

Let us get started with the installation process. First of all, we will have to create a database which will be used in phpBB. In order to do that, click on the wampserver icon over and open up phpMyAdmin.

Opening phpMyAdmin

Step 2 – Create Database

Once you are done, your phpMyAdmin page will open. Over there, let’s move over to the Database section and create a new database. Once you have named the database, click on the create button there.

Creating Database

Step 3 – Go to wamp directory

With that taken care of, now let’s open up the wamp directory and over there, go to the www folder.

Open wamp directory

Step 4 – Copy phpBB3 directory

In the www folder, we will copy the phpBB3 directory which we have already downloaded from You can go ahead and download the directory from the website and paste it here.

phpBB3 directory

Step 5 – Open localhost phpBB3

Next open up the web browser and in the address bar on the top, type “localhost/phpbb3” before hitting the enter key.

Opening local host phpBB3

Step 6 – Go to the install tab

With that done, the following page will open up in the browser. Over here, you will need to go to the install tab and click on the Proceed button to go to the next step.

Click on the install tab

Step 7 – Start Install

When the new page loads up, scroll down and click on the Start Install button.

Click on start install button

Step 8 – Configure the database

With that done, you will be redirected to a new page. Now you will be required to type the database information, including the database type, the server hostname and the database name along with its username. With all that taken care of, you can click on the button below to proceed to the next step. Then, the database connection would be established by the system before you can proceed any further.

Database Configuration

Step 9 – Adminstrator Configuration

Now you will be required to type the Administrator Configuration details for phpBB. This includes the admin username and password along with the email address. With that done, we can proceed to the next step.

Configuration of Admininstrator

Step 10 – Check administrator settings

Now the application will check the administrator settings. Once the test has been completed successfully, move onto the next step.

Checking administrator settings

Step 11 – Advanced Settings

Now, we will go to the Advance setting page. Over there, you will need to provide the settings which you want to use such as the email settings and the server URL settings. With that done, we can proceed to the next step.

Configure Advanced settings

Step 12 – Create database tables

After the processing has been completed, a notification will be displayed to you that the database tables have been created. Now we can move forward to the next step.

Creation of database tables

Step 13 – Installation Completed

And that’s it. In the next window, you will be shown a notification that phpBB has been successfully installed. In this manner, you can install phpBB on your computer.

phpBB installation completed