How to Make eBay Feedback Private

It’s possible to make your feedback profile private on your EBay. By default, feedback profiles are public. Users have the option of making their feedback profile private.

Step#1 login
Click on your profile and click ‘account settings.’


Step#2 click view all feedback
On my account window, click view all feedback.

click view all feedback

Step#3 click feedback forum
On your feedback profile window, scroll down and click feedback forum.

click feedback forum

Step#4 click ‘make my feedback profile private or public’
On the right hand on ‘feedback tools’ tab, click make feedback public or private

make my feedback profile private or public

Step# 5 check on ‘make my feedback profile private’
Check on ‘make my feedback profile private.’ Remember that if you make your Feedback Profile private, your Feedback comments will be hidden from other users. This may decrease the chance that other members will want to do business with you. Click save to keep your changes.

make my feedback profile private

And your feedback profile has successfully been saved. Note that if you make your feedback profile private, you will not be able to sell items.
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