How to SEO Anchor Text

In this tutorial, you will learn how to SEO Anchor text in your website.
SEO Anchor texts form a small part of your webpage but are nevertheless very crucial. Anchor texts are basically a link from a keyword to another site. The pages they are linking to can either be an external link or an internal link.

Step 1 – Click on the link

This is how a seo anchor text would look like on your website. If we click on the link, it will open up the website which you have linked it to.

Click on the seo anchor text

Step 2 – Suitable keywords

A suitable anchor text keyword makes it clear to the user what the contents of the link would be.
In other words, if we change the anchor text to something like “A complete database of How-To Videos”, a user will have a fair idea about the contents.
Anchor texts should be rich in keyword. For example, the keywords used are How To Videos. This is because the anchor text lets the search engines know about the page you are linking them to.

Rich keywords

Step 3 – Descriptive yet concise anchor text

When writing seo anchor texts, it is important to be descriptive yet concise. Let’s go back to the phrase on which we were working previously. A complete database of How to Videos gives you a complete picture of what the link will be about. Only writing How to Videos on the other hand would be a bit vague.

Concise anchor texts

Step 4 – Formatting

Remember to format the anchor texts so that they are easy to spot. For example over here, it is underlined and highlighted in blue.
Anchor texts come in the top ten tools used for a good SEO strategy. So it’s important to use them wisely, linking them to both: external and internal links.
So these are some of the things you must consider when working with anchor texts.

Format anchor texts