How to Link Excel 2010 worksheet to another workbook

If you are managing a lot of data, linking a sheet from one workbook to another can be a valuable skill, this tutorial will show you how to link excel worksheet to another workbook.

Step # 1 – Copying the Desired Data

Start Excel with the sheet loaded that contains the information that you want to link to a new workbook. Here you can see that we have some information about items prices. You need to copy this data, highlighting anything that you want to link to you new workbook and right click and choose “Copy”.

Coping data from first worksheet

Step # 2 – Choosing to Paste Special

Now you need to create a new workbook. Click on “File” and then “New”, double-click the “Blank workbook” option. This will open a new workbook in a new window, right now it has no links to the previous workbook. Right click where you want to paste the data, here in cell “A1”, navigate to “Paste Special…” and click on the next “Paste Special…” button.

Selecting to paste special

Step # 3 – Pasting the Data with a Link

The “Paste Special” window will appear and in the bottom left hand corner you will see a “Paste Link” button, click this. The data from the other sheet will appear. To make sure that the link between the worksheet and the new workbook has been successful, navigate to the previous workbook and change the data. Here we will change the price of a cactus to $50. Navigate back to the new workbook and you can see that the data here has changed as well and that is how to link excel worksheet to another workbook.

Checking data updates in the new sheet