How to set Word 2010 Document as Desktop Background

Learn how to set a Microsoft Word document as a desktop wallpaper

In this video tutorial we will show you how to set word document as desktop background.

In order to set a word document as desktop wallpaper, open the Microsoft Word document. Select a part of the document or select all by pressing “ctrl+a” on the keyboard. Press on “Copy” in the Home tab.

Select and copy all text

After that, go to the Windows “start” menu and open “Paint”. Click “Paste” to insert the text from the word file. Then press “Crop” to cut unnecessary picture area. Now, press “save as” and save your file as a JPEG picture.

Create a JPEG picture

Now open your JPEG picture. Right-click on it and choose “set as a desktop background”. You have successfully set a word document as a desktop background.