How to turn features on or off in Windows 7

Certain features in Windows 7 are on by default and certain are off. The ones that are on tend to eat up the computer’s speed and capability. These features may include those which are not used frequently or at all by yourself.
Turning such features off is an excellent idea to lighten your computer. To Turn Windows Features on or off, you simply have to access the Turn Windows Features on or off window, which is where you can pick and choose the features that you want to keep on.

Step # 1: Search in the Start menu for “Turn Windows Features on or off”

Simply click on Start and type “Turn windows features on or off” in the search field. Among the provided search results, click the “Turn Windows features on or off”.

Run Search in the Start menu for “Turn Windows Features on or off

Step # 2: Click on the Games Options

In the window that opens up, uncheck the Games box to turn off the games feature. It helps in making the computer lighter. If you wish to select or deselect specific games, then check the Games checkbox and check/uncheck the boxes for specific games.

Open the Games Options

Step # 3: Check/Uncheck specific Games

You can check boxes for Games that you want featured on and you may choose to keep the Internet Games feature on, choose specific Internet games features to be on or uncheck the Internet Games to turn off the Internet games features completely.

Select specific Games

Step # 4: Turn the Tablet PC Components feature off

If you do not frequently connect a tablet to your computer, this option which is checked as default should be unchecked. Simply uncheck the box for Tablet PC Components which shall relieve your Computer exponentially.

Uncheck the Tablet PC option

Step # 5: Click OK and Wait

Once you have checked/unchecked relevant boxes for Windows features, click OK and wait for the settings to be put in effect. This may take a while.

Select OK and Wait

Step # 6: Restart Now or Later

Depending on your preference Restart the computer immediately or later. It is important to note that the settings would be effective after the computer has restarted so it is important to restart.

Restart your computer to make changes effective