How to add text in Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp text can be used both, as a tool for labeling as well as a separate object that can be incorporated in your design. However in SketchUp, the tools for both of these functions are different.
To learn how to add text in Google SketchUp see the steps given below.

Step # 1 – Drawing a cylinder

Start off by making a 3d Google Sketchup drawing. Draw a cylinder by first drawing a circle and then changing its dimension by means of the “Push/Pull” tool.

Create a cylinder

Step # 2 – Selecting the “text” option

First select the simple “text” option from the “tools” menu on the top. This can be used to label different objects and illustrations in your work.

Choose the “text” option

Step # 3 – Using the “text” tool

Choose the “text” tool and snap it at any point where you want to add a label. Here, write whatever you want to mark. For right now we’ll mark this as “cylinder”.

Work with the “text” tool

Step # 4 – Selecting the “3D text” tool

The other text tool that is the 3D text tool is through which the written letters can be treated like an object. Select the option from the “tools” menu.

Choose the “3D text” tool

Step # 5 – Adjusting the settings

Write the text you wish to enter in the space provided in the panel that pops up. You can choose whichever font you want from the options given. More types of fonts can be downloaded. Choose however you want to align the text; in this case we’ll align it in the center. The space provided for “extruded” defines the measurement of the depth of the letters. For now we will let it remain as “1 inch”. You can even change the height from this panel.

Modify the settings

Step # 6 – Working on the text

The text that now appears can be edited and worked upon by different tools in Google SketchUp. You can move it around, snap it to different axis, and rotate it amongst other things.

Modify the text

Step # 7 – Editing the component

Letters can also be converted into a 3d Google Sketchup drawing. This can be done by altering the depth of the letters after the text has been written. Right click on the text and select the “edit component” option.

Edit the text

Step # 8 – Altering the depth of the text

Once you open the component for editing, you can modify each letter and create 3d text by using the “Push/Pull” tool.
This however, does not ensure that the depth of each letter is the same. To increase it and keep it uniform, keep a higher extrude value.

Change the depth of the text