How to Convert PNG to JPG

PNG to JPG conversion is something that many image editing programs will be able to handle. This tutorial will cover how to convert PNG to JPG by using a program that all Windows users have: MS Paint.

Step # 1 – Opening the PNG in Paint

Start Paint and click the menu icon in the top left of the page, click “Open” in the menu that appears. Locate the PNG file on your computer and click “Open”. The PNG file will open in Paint.

Opening the image in MS Paint

Step # 2 – Completing the Conversion

Now, click the menu icon again and click “Save as”. At the bottom of this window you will see the “Save as type” drop down box, from this select “JPEG”, give the file a new name if you wish, and click “Save”. As you can see learning how to convert PNG to JPG is a very simple process.

Converting the file through a save