How to Lightroom Web Galleries

To use lightroom web galleries select the photos you’d like to put in the gallery.

select your photos

Click on the web module at the top right.

click on web module at top right

If you’d like you can rearrange the order of the photos. Choose a template for your gallery.

choose a template for your gallery

Enter any website information.

enter any website info

If you’d like to specify the gallery layout do that here.

specifics of the gallery can go in the gallery layout box

If you’d like to add a watermark do that here as well.

watermarks may be added in the watermark section

Next specify your output settings.

specify your output settings

Preview your web gallery in a browser to make sure everything looks ok.

preview your web gallery in a browser

When you’re ready export your gallery to disk and upload later

export your gallery to a disk

Or upload your gallery to a webserver via ftp.

or upload to an ftp server