How to Save Lightroom Contact Sheet

In this video tutorial we will show you how to save lightroom contact sheet.

In order to save a contact sheet in Lightroom, open the program. Go to the “Print” tab.

Go to the Print tab

Click on “lightroom templates” and choose “2×2 cells”.

Choose the format

Select 4 photos to fit in the cells. Scroll down print settings and check “Page options”, “Page numbers” and “Page info” options.

Select the page options

Then you can adjust “Margins” and “cell spacing”. You can check the “keep square” option and your photos will be shown in square windows. You can save your template by pressing “+” on the right in the “Template browser”. Enter a name for the new template and press “Create”.

Create new preset

Now, right-click on the created template and press “Export”.

Export new preset

Save the contact sheet template on the hard drive.