Where to Sell Photos Online

In the year 2005 Etsy was established with a plan of selling handmade products. Over time, Most potential customers shopping on Etsy have a keen interest in special photography for gifts and home decoration. If you have special photographs you intend to sell, Etsy might be a fine option.


Step 1 Sign up

To start selling your photos with Etsy, you need sign up. You can either sign up with your e-mail or face book account.

Sign up

Step 2 Enter password and confirm e-mail

Enter unique password that you will use each time you login to your Etsy account. Open your e-mail and click on the confirmation link sent to you.

Enter password and confirm e-mail

Step 3 Set up a shop

Click on ‘set up a shop. This is the first step where you are required to set up your language, currency and shop country.

Set up a shop

Step 4 Choose what you intend to accomplish

Choose what you want to accomplish from the shop that you are setting up. You have to decide between reaching etsy buyers, selling full time or selling part time.

Choose what you intend to accomplish

Step 5 Enter your shop name

Decide on your shop name. You can set up a temporary name and move on to listing items if you haven’t decided.

Enter your shop name

Step 6 Enter your shop details

Enter your shop name, a short paragraph describing your shop and a message to customer. Save the changes when you are done.

Enter your shop details

Step 7 Enter your item list

Start listing your items by clicking ‘list items.

type „Snipping” in search box

Step 8 Enter product details

On the list of item page enter the details about your merchandise. This includes what the product is, when it was made and who made the product. Enter the category, item title, product photos, description, tags material, size, price, quantity, and shipping details. Once you are done click preview listings.

Enter your item list

Step # 9 Save to draft

Save to draft once you are done entering the details.

Save to draft

Step # 10 Enter your payment details

On the navigation tabs at the top, click ‘get paid’ to choose your shop payment method. Choose how you will like to receive payment from your customers.

Enter your payment details

Step # 11 Enter your credit card details

Enter your credit card details. At the end of each month, Etsy adds up fees and e-mails you a bill.

Enter your credit card details

Step 12 Open your shop

Once you have saved your billing details, Enter your shop name and open you shop. From here you can begin uploading good custom images that you are offering for sale in your shop. In order to make good sales on Etsy, make your item stand out to buyers. Upload five photos of each item to convey shape, size and color.
Also stock your shop with items. A well stocked shop will get more views and sales.

There are other sites that give you an opportunity to sell your photographs online. This includes istockphoto.com,shutterstock.com, Fotolia.com, shutterfly.com and 123rf.com among others.

Open your shop

All these are online shops that present an opportunity to photographers to sell their merchandise.

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