How to Automatically Redirect a Web Page to Another URL

In this tutorial you will learn how to automatically redirect a web page to another URL.
URL redirection, commonly known as forwarding, is a method to make a website available on more than one address.
There is more than one method to achieve this, however we will feature the easiest method that involves no programming.
Prerequisites: browser, Internet.
Step 1. Open up a new browser window. Go
It’s a full service, as you might observe
open browser and go to indicated address

Step 2. Select ‘Click here to sign up’ at the bottom of the page.
A new registration form is offered.
select the indicated option to open a registration form

Step 3. Check your old Internet address (the one you want to redirect from) in the first text box of the form. As it is written in there, you can only apply this for existing websites.
check your old internet address in the first text box

Step 4. Read carefully and make your option correctly in the second text box.
make your option in second text box

Step 5: Write your new website (the one you want to redirect your users to) in the third text box. Select from the drop-down menu a provider of your choice.
write your new website in third text box

Step 6: Leave your email address in the fourth text box so Webalias can relay back to you when needed.
leave your email in fourth text box

Step 7: Click on the „Set up my account”.
click set up my account

Step 8: Wait a while, then try the new address in a browser tab.
insert new address in browser tab

Result: Congratulations, you have set up an automatic redirection for your web page.