How to Backup and Restore Registry in Windows 7

Windows 7 provides its users improved backup options. It is recommended to always backup your data in order to prepare for the worse.
In this tutorial, we will teach you how to backup and restore registry in windows 7.

Step 1 – Open Registry Editor
In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to backup and restore registry. Start by opening up the run command. You can do that by pressing the windows + R key on the keyboard. With that done, type “regedit” and hit enter in order to open the Registry Editor.
Open up the RegistryEditor

Step 2 – Export Open in Registry Editor
This will open up the registry editor. Over here, click on the “File” menu and move over to the export option.
Use Export in Registry Editor

Step 3 – Select the backup file location
Now select the location where you to save the backup file and give the file a name. At the bottom, you will see the Export range section. Make sure the “All” option is selected here. This will create the backup of the whole registry. With that done, click on the “Save” button.
Set the location for the backup file

Step 4 – Create backup for a single branch
You can even create a backup of a single branch from the registry editor. In order to do so, right click on the branch which you want to create a backup of and click on the “Export” option.
Created single branch backup

Step 5 – Backup of the selected branch only
Now select the location where you want to save the backup, give the file a name and make sure that the “Selected Branch” option is selected in the Export range section. Once done, click on “Save”.
Limit the export range to the selected branch only

Step 6 – Merge the Registry Backup file
In order to restore the registry, simply open the directory where the backups have been stored on the computer. Now right click on the registry backup file and click on “Merge”.
Use the Merge Option

Step 7 – Add Registry Notification
With that done, a warning notification window will open up, asking you whether you want to add this to the registry or not. Simply click on Yes to proceed.
Adding information notification

Step 8 – Restore Registry File
With that done, the registry file will be restored from backup successfully. In this manner, you can restore registry from backup.
Restoring Registry File

Step 9 – Restore registry via the Import Option
Alternatively, you can simply open up the Registry Editor, move over to the “File” menu and click on “Import” to restore registry from backup.
Import Registry that you want to restore

Step 10 – Import Registry backup file
Once the Import Registry File window opens up, browse and select the file which you want to restore. With that done, you will have successfully imported the backup of your registry. Simply click on Ok to close the window. And that’s it.
Import Registry file