How to Backup WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

This tutorial will show you how to backup WhatsApp messages on iPhone.

In WhatsApp version 2.10.1 and later, you can use our iCloud backup feature to back up and restore your chat history. Using iCloud backup will save your WhatsApp chats and media to your iCloud account.
You can make a manual backup of your chats at any time.
Step #1 – Go to WhatsApp

Go to WhatsApp

Step #2 – Tap settings

Tap settings

Step #3 – Chat Settings

Chat Settings

Step #4 – Chat Backup

Chat Backup

Step #5 – Tap Back Up Now.
You can also enable automatic, scheduled backups by:

Tap Back Up Now

Step #6 – Tapping Auto Backup

Tapping Auto Backup

Step #7 – Choose your backup frequency

Choose your backup frequency