How to Block Ads in Safari

In this tutorial, you will learn How to Block Ads in Safari.
Surfing the net can be frustrating at times with all the ads that pop up in your face from page to page. Safari does not offer a built in feature to block ads, but thankfully there is a third party workaround.

Open Safari and navigate to when loaded go to File menu and select Save As…
Select Save As

Under the format menu select “Page Source”
Select Page Source

From there, navigate to your home folder and select Library
Select Library

Navigate to the folder named Safari and hit Save
select save

After saving your document, click the Safari menu and select “Preferences”
select preferences

From there, navigate to the “Advanced” tab
choose the advanced tab

Under the Style Sheet: dropdown menu select “Other”
Select other

Navigate to your previously saved file, highlight and select “Choose”
select choose

Your Safari experience will now be Ad Free!