How to Bold, Underline or Italicize HTML Text

This tutorial will guide you about the text formatting techniques used in HTML.
The most basic formatting for texts are bold,italicize or underlined. To do this in HTML we have to follow specific format and syntax, which will be covered in this tutorial briefly.
Step # 1 – Basic Text Formatting
The text is the basic component in an HTML web page. The text can be formatted to suit different styles or to stand out.Basic text formatting includes; bold, italic and underline. Each formatting comes with its own HTML element.
For example:
Element for text in italics in html will be the keyword ‘italic’
Similarly for bold text in html the keyword ‘bold’ would be used
Basic Text Formatting

Step 2: Change Text to Bold style
The ‘bold’ keyword is used to format the text to bold in html.
The “bold” keyword is used to bold the text written between < and > (between angle brackets).
For example :
<bold>Microsoft</bold> This will show the text”Microsft” in bold format.
Text changed to bold style

Step 3: Change text to Italic Style
The “italic” element works exactly the same, and slants the text in italics in html.
HTML italicizes whatever text is written between the starting and ending tags of keyword‘italic’. In order to italicize text , we just add the italic tag to the text.
Text changed to italic style

Step 4: Change Text to underline style
The “underline” element is used to underline the text between its starting and ending tags.In order to underline text , we add the underline tag to the text. The text, enclosed bwteen the underline starting and ending tags, changes to underline, as a result.
Text changed to underline style