How to Change Remote Desktop Port in Windows

In this tutorial we will guide you how to change remote desktop port in Windows.
The security of a remote desktop connection can be increased if the desktop port is changed to a new location.

Step 1 – Opening up the registry editor
First of all type press win +r key to open up the run, here type regedit and hit enter.
typing regedit in the run command

Step 2 –User Account Control
With that done the dialog box will appear and click Yes.
letting the application run on windows

Step 3 – Opening up the Port number value
As a result the Registry editor window will open up.
Here go to the location
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer\WinStations\ and then click on RDP-Tcp.
As a result the RDP-Tcp values list on the left pane of Registry editor, here scroll down and then double click on the PortNumber.
With that done the Edit DWORD Value window will open up, here click on Decimal. Over here, you have the current remote desktop port in windows 7.
accessing the port number value

Step 4 – Changing the port number
As a result you can see the port number 3389 in Value data field, this port number is the default now change the port number which you want to set. We have set the port number 54600 and again switched back to the Hexadecimal option.
Now close the all expended fields, and exit from the registry editor. And that’s basically how you can change remote desktop port in windows.
altering the port number