How to convert video to Sony PSP video Mp4 Format?

In this step by step guide you would learn how to convert a video in the Sony PSP video format.

Step No. 1: Log on to the website
Log on to the url:
onlinevideoconverter logo

Step No. 2: Video Conversion
Next, simply click on the video conversion option.
menu “select the application of your choice”

Step No. 3: Video URL
Now paste the link to the video that you want to convert into the Sony PSP video format.
area to enter the url

Step No. 4: Format
Choose the “MP4” format which is the standard video format used in the Sony PSP application.
select the video format area

Step No. 5: Processing
The website would take a little time in processing and converting the video. It all depends on the size and length of the video being converted.
conversion progress page

Step No. 6: Download
Once the video has been processed simply press the download button to save the converted video on your personal computer or laptop.
download button

Step No. 6: PC Video
You can even choose a video file for conversion from your computer. Just select the “From Your PC” option and follow the whole process.
button for upload video from your PC