How to Create a Calculation Query in Microsoft Access

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to create a calculation query in Microsoft access.
It is possible to perform calculations within your queries. Over here, we will make a Query that will give us the total price on each order. To learn how to create a query in Access, follow the steps given below.
Step 1 – Go to the “create” tab
To create a calculation query in Microsoft Access, let’s go to the “create” tab and click on the “query design” button. Over here, we will select the products, orders, salesrep and customers tables and close the show table window.
Move over to the “create” tab

Step 2 – Select data from the tables
Now let’s select the order date from the orders table, company from customers table, product, size and price from the products table, quantity from the orders table and lastly the last name from the sales rep table.
Copy data from the tables

Step 3 – Update the query
Now let’s move to the last column then click on the builder button, located in the ribbon on top. Over here, write “total” followed by a colon. This lets access know that this is the field’s caption. Now click on the plus sign and next to the file name, in the expression element area. Over here, let’s expand the tables and then double click on the products table.
With that done, let’s click on price over here and notice that in the query has been updated. Now let’s add an asterisk sign in the query for multiplication, then go down to the orders table and double click on quantity.
Now let’s click on the OK button to proceed and click on the view button to check the output of the query in Microsoft Access.
Revise the query

Step 4 – View the list
And there you have it. Over here, you can see the details such as the order date, the name of the company who ordered, the size for the product, quantity of the product, name of the sales person and the total price for their order, which is being tabulated through the query we just entered.
By following these steps you can learn how to create a query in Access.
Preview the list