How to Learn French Language Online for Free

In this tutorial, you will learn How To Learn French Online For Free
Learning a new language can be a daunting task. Fortunately there are some excellent free resources online to make the learning process simple and fun.

Open your web browser and navigate to, Babbel offers courses on a variety of languages. For the purpose of this tutorial, click on French.
navigate to

Babbel offers two separate courses. One for beginners, as well as an advanced course for those with previous training. For the purpose of this tutorial, select beginner.
select the beginner course

Babbel presents me with an image captioned with an English word. Below the image are several options in French. I must click on option I believe to be the correct translation.
choose an option

In the next activity I must match the French word on the left with the correct English word from the options on the right.
click on the match

If I choose incorrectly the word turns red and shakes back and forth. If I choose correctly, the word snaps next to it’s counterpart and a voice can be heard pronouncing the word.
Babbel Guides you through a series of similar activities, and you are now on your way to learning French!