How to Look Up for Words and Find Translation in Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word is a comprehensive word processing program which enables one to edit text in a number of ways, using a variety of features. Microsoft Word allows you to find synonyms, find translations and use the thesaurus to replace words in the text. You can choose to translate an entire document into another language or simply translate one single word. You can thus choose the specific word and easily translate the word using this tool.
Follow this step by step tutorial in order to learn how to look up words in MS Word and translate text.

Step # 1 – Looking up a word
Click and drag your cursor to select a word and right click on it to open the drop down menu. Once the drop down menu appears, click on the option titled ‘Look up’. This will open up a pane on the right hand side of the page. Select the ‘All Reference Books’ option in the field below the ‘Search for’ field and related references to a particular word will be listed in the pane. In this tutorial, we have selected the word ‘distributed’ for this purpose.
Find a suitable word

Step # 2 – Clicking the Research button
Another way of finding a word is by using the “Research” button. Click on the “Research” button under the “Review” tab. A pane opens up on the right hand side of the page where you can select a book or a particular reference site you would like to use to look up the word. You can choose the most suitable word from the list provided in the pane by right clicking on it and selecting the ‘Insert’ option from the menu. We have substituted the word ‘distributed’ with ‘spread’ in this case.
Insert a suitable word

Step # 3 – Translating words
Another interesting feature in Microsoft Word is that you can translate a word into any language. In the “Review” tab, click on the option titled “Research” and type the specific word in the ‘Search for’ field. Now select the ‘Translation’ option in the field below from the drop down menu.
Select the language the word is in and the language you wish to translate the word into. In the tutorial, we translated the word ‘langue’ from French to English.
Translating French into English

Step 4 – Translating English to other languages
Similarly, you can select any language to translate an English word into. In this tutorial, we have translated the word ‘various’ into Swedish.
Translating English into Swedish