How to Make Lightroom Run Faster

To make lightroom run faster there are several steps you can take to optimize things. The first thing you’ll need to check is how much free space you have available on your hard drive you’re running lightroom on. If it’s over half full, this can hinder the performance of lightroom. Either clear some space, or get an external hard drive if this is the case.
check your hard drive’s space

Next check the amount of ram you’re using. The more the better as this handles a lot of the processing things that lightroom does. With more ram it has an easier time moving around.
check the amount of ram and upgrade if necessary

Next Make sure that you render the 1:1 previews either during the import phase or after importing images into Lightroom. It doesn’t happen automatically and this will greatly speed up everything in Lightroom.
render the 1:1 previews during import

Finally optimize your catalog by clicking on file then optimize catalog.
file > optimize catalog

Click the optimize button.
This will optimize your catalog. These few things should make lightroom run faster.
click optimize to speed up Lightroom