How to Mine Bitcoins

A couple of years ago, the word “Bitcoin” sounded like a new gizmo. However, in 2013 it already became a strong online alternative currency. Even if you’ve lost the “first train” in Bitcoin mining, you can still get in it and make some profit. Here’s the overview tutorial on how to mine Bitcoins. If you’re not an advanced Bitcoin user – don’t worry. We’ve just made it accessible also by absolute beginners.

Step 1. Before you involve in mining Bitcoins, make sure you have a spare computer with a lot of operational memory. Ideally you should have a separate computer working on mining Bitcoins in 24/7 mode. The place where you mine Bitcoins should be safe from power cuts and accidents alike, since it can easily destroy your hard earned money.

an example of computer suitable for mining Bitcoins

Step 2. As with any currency, you’ll need to have a place where to keep it. Before you start mining your Bitcoins, you’ll have to create a Bitcoin wallet. Go to the link you see on screen ( and download the Bitcoin client that would suit your liking. Follow the instructions on the website to install the wallet on your computer. Make sure you make the copy of your wallet data file, otherwise you might lose your Bitcoins.

installing the Bitcoin wallet

Step 3. Nowadays you cannot mine your Bitcoins anymore alone if you want to get some considerable profit. That’s why it might be better to join the so-called “pool” of Bitcoin miners. There are different groups that unite for mining. You can see several trustworthy group websites here (
– pick one of them to join the pool.

joining the pool of Bitcoin miners

Step 4. Whether alone or in a mining group, what you will need to do is to install the mining program on your computer. Make sure you have a capable system, with lots of processing power. A classic hint here is to use one, or more high-end video cards that can perform the real-time advanced computations needed to create the numbers requested by the Bitcoin network.
You can get the mining software from here:

Bitcoin mining software options

Step 5. Once installed and running, let it run for as much as it’s needed to generate your Bitcoins. If mining is successful on your hardware, you will see an updated report of the operation on your wallet.

report of operation on Bitcoin wallet

Step 6. Just how much Bitcoins you will actually make? To find it out, you can use one of the Bitcoin mining calculators from the link you see on screen: ( you are inside the strong mining pool and your computer has enough capacity, chances are you can make good profit.

using Bitcoin mining calculator

Result: Enjoy your new money-mining career!