How to Offset in AutoCAD

You can copy autocad objects along with offsetting them in specified distances using the “offset” tool. Using this tool is better than making these objects manually as there is a chance that then your shapes will then not be at accurate distances. Therefore, offset in Autocad allows you to use the inbuilt features of this software so as to ensure the accuracy of your drawing.

Step # 1 – Select the “offset” tool
The offset tool can be used on lines as well as complete shapes.
Suppose if you are to make a floor plan of stairs that from the top can be seen as concentric squares then with the help of this tool you need to make sure that the width between the stairs is equal. An easy way to do this is make the inner most shape and then simply offset it.
So make the inner object and select the “offset” tool from the “modify” panel.
Choose the “offset” tool

Step # 2 – Offset the object
First AutoCAD asks you to enter the offset distance. This will be the width of your stair. Enter the distance and select the shape you wish to offset.
As you keep selecting the shapes concentric squares are formed. Similarly you can also offset lines and other shapes.
Offset the shape

Step # 3 – Select the “through” option
Another way to offset objects without specifying the distance is from the “through” option.
For this, select the “offset” tool and then right click and choose “through”. You can use this option to make the offset in Autocad go through any specified point.
Choose the “through” option

Step # 4 – Apply the “through” option
After clicking the “through” option, select the object you wish to offset and then specify the point you want it to pass through.
You can snap it to a point by pressing “shift” and then right clicking. Select the point you wish to make the line pass it through.
This method is more accurate while drafting than dragging and making objects manually.
This tool, by offsetting, allows you to copy Autocad objects at a specified distance from the original shape.
Use the “through” option