How to Setup Viber on iPad

This tutorial will show you how to setup Viber on iPad. There is a way to install Viber on your Ipad although Viber is design to work only on the iphone you can also use it on the iPad, the only thing to consider is that you won’t be able to use it on both devices at the same time.

Step # 1 – Install Viber from the App Store, type Viber.

Install Viber from the App Store

type Viber

Step # 2 – Tap iPhone only.

Tap Iphone only

Step # 3 – Tap Get > Install > open.

Tap Get

Step # 4 – Viber will warn you that Viber is not compatible with Ipad, if you want to continue click “ok”.

click OK

Step # 5 – Select Continue on the Welcome screen.

Select Continue

Step # 6 – Viber will request access to your phone’s address book. Select Agree.

Select Agree

Step # 7 – Enter your phone number.

Enter your phone number

Step # 8 – You will receive an SMS message with your Viber access code.

Viber access code

Step # 9 – Enter the access code in the Viber setup screen and select Enter.

Enter the access code

Step # 10 – Enter your information to login or login with Facebook.

Enter your information