How to Setup Your Ebay Partner Network

Setting up an Ebay Partner Network Account is now easier than ever.

In order to qualify for an Ebay Partner Network Account, you should already own a domain site and have a solid plan for what you are going to do with this site or blog. Ebay’s affiliate application will be asking you about this, so be prepared to answer. is the world’s largest electronic commerce company”
In order to setup your account with Ebay’s Partner Network, visit In the top right corner, click on the button that says “Apply Now!”. Follow instructions on the page to fill out the application. Once the application is filled out, there will be a 2-4 waiting period as Ebay reviews your information.
After Ebay accepts your application, you will have full access to the Partner Network page.
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Once you have logged into the Ebay Partner Network Page, click on the “Programs tab” in the menu at the top.
This will show you a list of programs supported on Ebay Partner Network, including descriptions, payment structures, and application status. It is important to note that during registration, Ebay submits your application to all of the countries listed in the Ebay Partner Network.
List of all programs supported on Ebay’s network

Because certain countries have special rules, you may not have been eligible to participate in all of their programs. Next, You will need to generate Ebay links to put on your website for your users to click on. These links can be found by clicking on the “Tools” tab.
Click on the Tools tab to access links, banners, and widgets to add to your blog or site

Here, you will find an extensive range of links, banners, and widgets which can be implemented onto your blog or website.
Simply select a tool and follow the step by step instructions on the page. Once all of your options have been updated, you will be given code to cut and paste to your site.
Copy and paste code from the link generator and add it to your html editor on your website or blog