How to Send Postal Letter Through the Internet

In this tutorial you will learn how to send postal letters through the Internet.

Whether you want to congratulate your grandparents with their wedding anniversary or impress someone with your offbeat communication style, sending snail mail letter through the Internet is now at your disposal.
Depending on your location, there are different providers who help you to do send snail mail online. We’ll take a look at one of U.S. providers operating internationally.

Step 1. Go to
Sign in with your Facebook account.

go to indicated website

Step 2. Now let’s choose what we want to mail.
From the left pane, on the Services category, choose Easy Letter Sender.
Click on “Start Your Letter”.

click start your letter

Step 3. You’ll be redirected to the page where you can either type your letter online or paste the letter text from Word. We will paste the letter text from Word.
When you’re done, click “Save”

type letter and save it

Step 4. Click on “Add recipient Address”. Add recipient’s address.
Click “Save”.

Step 5. Click “Proof and finish”.

click indicated option

Step 6. Click “Approve” and click again “I approve the Proof” in appearing dialog box.

approve mail sending

Step 7. Click “Check out”

Click “Proceed to checkout” to pay for your snail mail delivery.

check out

Step 8. Pay the due fees.

pay fees

Result: Congratulations, you have learnt to send a postal letter through the Internet.