How to Adopt Virtual Pet

So you want to have a cat, a dog or a lizard at home, but your life circumstances don’t allow it?
One of the options might be visiting a famous “cat cafe” in Japan or watching “Lassie” for the tenth time. You might also visit a pet shop just to watch exotic pets.
If none of the above works for you, it’s time to use our tutorial. You can adopt a virtual pet and let it live on your desktop. Our tutorial will focus on virtual kitty-breeder.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Search for “NekoOnDesktop” application. Google will show you various places where you can download the program.

search for NekoOnDesktop

Step 3. Pick one of download sources from the top of search list. Download the application and run it on your Mac.

download application

Step 4. Being a very simple application, NekoOnDesktop starts with opening a “Cat Manager”, where you can create you first desktop cat. Give the name to your kitty and type it in the “Cat Manager” window. After that, choose the gender of your kitten. You can use the drop-down menu of “Cat Manager” to choose the body type and color of your cat!

create your virtual cat

Step 5. Now comes important part: you can choose the character of your kitten by choosing the grade of its laziness, friendliness, and free willingness.
Our cat will be cowardly and free-willing. We’ve also created more kittens so our cat will have company.

choose the character of cat

Step 6. Now comes the educational part. How to manage you cat? Choose “Care” from “NekoOnDesktop” menu. Now you can choose what to do with your kittens: to give them milk, shower or put them to sleep. Kitties also have a mind of their own, especially if you’ve made them free-willing. The more free-willing is you cat, the harder is to drag it with your mouse to the place where you think that cat should go. Just like managing cats in real life!
Enjoy life with your virtual cats. If you want to work, you can close down NekoonDesktop. When you re-open the program, the cats of yours will start to roam desktop again.

managing your cat

Result: Congratulations! You have just learned how to adopt a desktop kitty online.