How to Free Up Storage on iPhone and iPad (iOS9)

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to free up storage on iPhone and iPad.

Step # 1 – First Check the Available Storage.

Go to Settings-General-Storage & iCloud Usage-Manage Storage.

free up storage

Step # 2 – Delete unused Apps and Games, Remove Old Podcasts and Videos.

free up storage

Step # 3 – Set Your Messages to Automatically Expire.

free up storage

Go to Settings-Messages-Keep Messages. Select 30 Days or 1 Year.

Step # 4 – Turn Off My Photo Stream.

free up storage

Go to Settings-Photos & Camera. Toggle off My Photo Stream.

Step # 5 – Turn Off Keep Normal Photo.

Go to Settings-Photos & Camera. Toggle off Keep Normal Photo.

free up storage

Step # 6 – Keep Optimized Versions of Photos & Videos

Go to Settings-Photos & Camera. You need to have iCloud Photo Library featured turned on. Select Optimize iPhone Storage.