How to Convert to Date in Excel

Microsoft Excel is a detailed software that can be used as a multiple analysis tool. It gives simple options that can help you manage and manipulate data to derive desired or actual results. It is important to understand the workings of this software to be able to use it effectively. You can convert text in Excel or other types of data to the Date format. Follow this step by step tutorial to learn how to convert to date in Excel.

Step # 1 – Use ‘DATEVALUE’ formula

To begin learning how to convert to date in Excel, input data for the date and time without proper formatting. The data in these cells is plain text. In order to convert text in Excel into dates we will use the “DATEVALUE” function. Go to any cell and write


We used cell “A4” in the function because it’s the first date entry and the rest can be filled by using the “Auto fill” option.

Apply ‘DATEVALUE’ formula

Step # 2 – Select ‘Format Cells’

Right click on it and click on “Format Cells” option.

Choose ‘Format Cells’

Step # 3 – Select Date format

Once the new window opens, move over to “Customs” and in the “Type” bar write:


Choose Date format

Step # 4 – Use ‘TIMEVALUE’ formula

For time, we will use the “TIMEVALUE” function and write the following formula:


Apply ‘TIMEVALUE’ formula

Step # 5 – Set format

Format the cells the same way as we did earlier but instead of going to the “Customs” tab, move over to “Time” instead and choose any format for your data.

Choose format