How to Import from Excel to Yahoo Contacts

To import an excel spreadsheet into your yahoo contacts first you’ll need to save the sheet as a CSV file by selecting file, save as.

Save the sheet as a CSV file

In the format dropdown select CSV.

Select CSV in the drop down menu

Then click save.

Click the save button

Click continue in the pop up to save it.

Click continue in the pop up

At your yahoo account you’ll need to go to the contacts tab and select the import contacts button.

Select import contacts option

Select the others option.

Select the Others option

Then select desktop email program. Browse and find the file we just saved as a CSV and select that.

Select desktop email program and browse for the CSV file

Agree to their terms and click continue.

Agree to the terms and click continue

Once it’s done processing your spreadsheet will be uploaded to your yahoo contacts.

Spreadsheet will now be uploaded to Yahoo