How to Use Excel Quartile Function

To use Excel Quartile function, select the column of data you want to use it with. In the box you’d like the results type in equals and Q.

choose a cell and type in =Q

The quartile function will pop up. Select quartileinc.

Quartile function will pop up. Select the quartileinc. option

Excel completes the function name and places an open parenthesis in the formula bar. Now click on cell A1

Click on Cell A1

Hold down the shift key and select the first cell. Then Click the last cell in your selection.

Hold down shift key and select last cell

Press comma (,)

Press comma button

Enter the numbers “1”, “2”, or “3” into the formula bar. for what quartile you’d like and press Enter

Enter 1,2,or 3 after the comma

You’ll now have your quartile data that you need.

Quartile data is now set